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A Steel Fabrication Process Overview

Steel fabrication is the process used to manufacture steel components, that when assembled, will form a complete frame, structure or beam.

The standard processes involved in steel fabrication include:

  • Cutting & Drilling
  • Bending, Pressing and Rolling
  • Welding and Assembly
  • Finishing

In the initial stages, one of our engineers or draftspersons will create highly detailed drawings from which the steel fabricators will work from.

The basic stages in the steel fabrication process are as per below:


Steel sections are cut and drilled using specialist tools, to create the parts required in the future assembly of the job. This may involve a saw, laser or plasma cutting, or CNC Machining to achieve the shape according to the drawings.


Some steel fabrication designs require shaped (e.g.: curved or pressed) elements. The use of specialist rolling, bending and shaping techniques are implemented at this stage.


Once the components have been manufactured, they are welded together by qualified tradesmen. The Fabrication team and welding inspectors will check over the project to ensure that all welds are within specification, defect free and that the overall assembled structure meets the design of the project and drawings.


If required, the project will be moved into the paint shop for surface treatment. Here the steel can be blasted and painted as required.

At NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation, we work closely with our clients to ensure all projects run smoothly through the steel fabrication process. Get in touch with our Project Engineers to discuss your next steel fabrication project on (02) 4646 1511.

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