Nepean Engineering & Innovation have the ability to design and manufacture custom size Tyne Rippers for wheel loaders. Designed to rip up to 500mm in depth, breaking up and aerating hard soil, preparing tree lines and more, our rippers will tear up tough clay soils and remove the occasional stone with ease.

Rippers are often used for ripping hard ground, rocks, shale, hard clay and permafrost or any other situation where normal bucket penetration of the ground is too difficult.

Our Rippers are customisable and are available with three and four powerful tynes, all designed with replaceable teeth. Precision geometry is used for a streamline design so the ripping edge is reinforced and is tapered at the front where it does all the work. This design allows for the material to be ripped rather than drag and plough.

The shape of the rippers adds efficiency for ripping of materials. This results in deeper and easier rips while decreasing the load on your machine, reducing the wear and tear.

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