Versatile unloading grapples are an ideal tool for when you are unloading vehicles. The most common purpose for using unloading grapples includes stacking and sorting logs as well as feeding chippers. Unloading grapples can also be used for lifting logs, sleepers and other long, heavy objects.

With our unloading grapple, you can lift and transport single logs or timber bundles. The grab is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder and can therefore also lift bigger logs, as well as branches, fence poles and similar objects.

Our unloading grapples allow wide opening and tight closing. With high clamping forces and fitted with oversized pistons our grapples allow for secure gripping of any load. Our unloading grapples have a belly plate to protect the hydraulic cylinder underneath, minimising machine downtime.

All Unloading grapples are a Heavy Duty design, built to sustain the toughest conditions. All of the pins are greaseable to provide longevity of the unloading grapples.

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