Sample Detector Vacuum Chambers

Location: Sydney, Australia
Industry: Research & Science
Contract Value: $1.5 Million
Completion: March 2011

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation managed design, manufacturing and ultra-vacuum testing of a special purpose sample detector vacuum chamber and related mechanisms.

NEPEAN Engineering and Innovation continually deliver the most technically demanding engineering projects – we’ve done this before

The Sample Detector Vacuum Chamber is the sixth high value instrument NEPEAN have delivered to leading organisations within the Neuclear Science industry over the last 20 years.  Innovative methods of critically testing the unit involved location and compression of several 0.1mm x 0.1mm holes in the 25mm gauge aluminium chamber walls to achieve the desired vacuum, a leak of this size disturbs the required environment. Dedicated to quality, NEPEAN successfully located and closed more than 30 leakages.

This instrument is used for energy testing of various materials. The chamber and various mechanisms were manufactured from special grade aluminium. The work also involved assembly and fitment of control equipment; achieving and maintaining ultra-vacuum (-10^-6); movement of various parts and mechanisms to ensure correct functioning. Careful project management, critical welding, precision machining and intricate assembly and testing was required to meet our customers stringent requirements.