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Castle Residences Project

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

INDUSTRY: Construction

CONTRACT VALUE: Approx $2.4mil

COMPLETION: October 2020 (Structural Steel Works only)

In the last quarter of 2019, NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation signed the contract for structural steelworks on the Castle residences project with Hutchinson Builders. The project is located on Castlereagh Street in Sydney’s CBD and the residence is a mix of private apartments and a boutique hotel.

The structural steelworks consisted of mega cantilever trusses that typically hold over 20 floors of the residences. The trusses are made out of 400 WC’s and different size UB sections. The trusses vary in size from 5.8m to 7.1m wide and a height of 10.8 m, with an average weight of 19 Tonne for one assembled truss.

A high level of quality control was required through the process with detailed and high-level coordination taking place with the principal contractor, Hutchinson Builders, for the delivery and installation of the trusses.

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