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  • Customised Steel Road Plates


Steel road plates offer a temporary cover and allow safe passage over unsafe openings such as trenches and potholes. Our Steel Road Plates are used by road maintenance service providers and comply with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) specifications.

Our Construction Methodology

Our construction methodology uses a new technology that involves an 8mm thick, hot rolled, knurled steel layer, welded to an AS3678 Gr.250 mild steel base plate. Using a metal spraying process, the knurled steel surface is then sprayed with a high-carbon content metal coating. This process forms a rigid, superior and sustainable anti-skid surface.

This process is superior over existing Industrial Road Plates that are generally coated with a friction resistant epoxy based coating in order to meet Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) specification.

Our plates are high quality, versatile and easy to use. They can be installed to cover trenches and potholes, as a temporary cover over unsafe openings and for street crossings.

Quality Assurance

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation Customised Steel Road Plates meet stringent quality standards.

  • They are highly durable with a hot rolled knurled steel profile to withstand heavy traffic in all weather conditions.
  • They have superior performance compared to commonly available road plates.
  • They eliminate ongoing maintenance costs associated with the recoating of Epoxy paint in other available road plates.
  • They are independently tested and return consistent test results of 75-80BPN, exceeding parameters by an astounding 50%.
  • They are manufactured to comply or exceed ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards.

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