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  • Structural Steel

Here at NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation we follow a tried and tested process methodology that allows us to successfully deliver a diverse range of Steel Fabrications to our customers. At a high level, it comprises:

Engineering and Detailing:

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation conducts all engineering works and modelling through the different project phases to maintain a high level of efficiency and achieve execution requirements. The process commences with preparation of well-coordinated structural steel shop drawings and developed models that are issued for approval prior to the release of fabrication / construction drawings. 

At NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation, we are proudly committed to the Australian Steel Institute and relevant Australian standards for Structural steel detailing.


With over 50,000m² of high-tech manufacturing space, NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation have the unique capabilities to cover light, medium and heavy fabrication projects under a quality assurance system complying with ISO 9001:2015 Australian standards.  We offer a complete in-house manufacturing capability by operating CNC machines, Pressing, Plate rolling, Plasma/Oxy profile cutting, Laser cutting, Stainless Steel fabrication, Sub-arc, MIG and TIG welding apparatus.

At the conclusion of manufacturing, NEPEAN Engineering and Innovation has in-house surface treatment capabilities for abrasive blasting and spray painting, ensuring the delivery of high quality fabricated structural steel projects.


NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation maintain a high level of standards when we are working with the experienced rigging subcontractors who are engaged for the installation process of the project. Well co-ordinated methodology is developed to suit the different project requirements, with consideration given to quality and safety standards of Australia.

Project Management:

Through out the different stages of the project, our project management team is working closely with the customer and our operations teams to ensure all aspects are accomplished according to the initial modelling, including scope and quality. This process is executed by highly experienced engineers and project managers with full commitment to successfully deliver projects.

Contact us to speak to one of our project managers about our services and how we can work together on your next project.

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