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  • Steel Sustainability Australia Scheme

Steel Sustainability Australia Program

The goal of the Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) SSA certification program is to promote responsible manufacturing of steel and steel products in Australia. It achieves this by establishing a comprehensive, best-practice standard to evaluate sustainability performance throughout the steel value chain.

What is the SSA program?

The SSA Certification Program, by Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA), assesses the environmental and social impact of their steelwork manufacturing and processing operations. This program certifies entities across the steel value chain, ensuring adherence to stringent standards and verifying the steel supply against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements. Aligned with the Green Building Council of Australia’s Responsible Product Framework, the certification is open to all downstream steel processing businesses ranging from fabrication, reinforcing processing and roll-form businesses. It stands as a reflection to the industry’s dedication to environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices throughout the entire steel production process. 

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation SSA’s Verified Steel Producer Status

Aligned with NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation’s sustainability approach, this certification ensures compliance with ESG industry standards, offering peace of mind to our stakeholders.

More details on the SSA program can be found on the SSA website

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